About me

Growing up in rural England, I developed a love of the outdoors early on, and having studied French at A’Level, I found myself spending more and more time exploring different parts of France. I spent several years working on the South and West coasts of France, before finding my way to the Alps in my early twenties. Initially, like so many before me, the plan was to spend one winter season in the Alps experiencing the ski lifestyle, then move on. But there is something in the mountains which holds people there, and I was one of those for whom one winter just wasn’t enough. I needed to see what it was like once the snow disappeared, and discovered that it was just as magical, but in a completely different way.

I now live in the Alps full time, and after almost 9 years in Chamonix, France, I am now in Innsbruck, Austria. From one ski town to another, once you’ve tasted the mountains it’s hard to ever go back… In my spare time I ski, climb, hike, run and write as much as possible, and am working on writing my first children’s book. I love to ponder and contemplate the world around me, observing what makes people tick and how people choose to live their lives. So welcome to my blog, showcasing my general meandering thoughts, which gives me a chance not only to write, but also to vocalise some of the many of questions that run through my mind on an average day.

Autumn in the Alps

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Karen, great that you found my little blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of the alpine scenery. Wow the Black Isle looks truly spectacular, you really make Scotland look like a wonderful place! Best of luck with your children’s book, it’s a fun thing to embark on

  2. Hi Sharon. I’m immediately drawn to your blog as we look to have a lot in common. I re-located to live in a place that I truly love and two of my greatest passions in life are photography and writing. Funnily enough, I too am about to embark on writing a children’s book! I will enjoy browsing through your posts and soaking up the beautiful landscapes of the Alps.

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