Killing me Softly, by Nicci French

This was recommended to me as a book I may enjoy, due to it being centred around a mountain climber, which has a lot of relevance to my life. I was intrigued as to what to expect, as the blurb suggests a dark, twisted tale, and it’s difficult to see how this could possibly tie in with mountain sports! The story follows Alice Loudon, a run-of-the-mill, stable character, with a steady job, a loving boyfriend, and a close circle of friends. Until one day she meets Adam Tallis, the man of every woman’s dreams, and hailed as a hero, and her safe life is set to change forever.

The story is well written, and has clearly been well researched by the authors (of which there are two). It is set mainly in London, but continually refers back to a climbing disaster which happened on a peak in the Himalayas. It’s an easy read, with believable characters you can get to grips with. The plot is fast paced hard to predict, which keeps you wanting to read on. By far the most memorable parts of the story are when the dark side of Adam is revealed. It is an interesting, yet highly disturbing insight in to the inner workings of a troubled and twisted mind, and interestingly it is never explained why he is like this, the reader is simply left to make up their own mind as to why Adam does the things he does. It is also an interesting look at how love can blind a person, and distort their viewpoint so much that they start to become someone unrecognisable, allowing things to happen that would have horrified them in a past life.

My overall memory of this book is the dark, slightly harrowing central character, the sexual obsession that completely overwhelms the characters, and the clever way two completely different lifestyles can become intertwined.


4 thoughts on “Killing me Softly, by Nicci French

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