How to deal with obnoxious people

Have you ever met someone so unpleasant and obnoxious that they actually make your blood boil? Do you ever stop and wonder what could have possibly gone so wrong in someone’s life, that they seem to have missed all social cues, avoided all forms of etiquette, and seem to have no concept of how to treat another human being? Well I’m sad to say that I have crossed paths with these people, and they bother me. I envy those who can rise above people such as this, feel sorry for them even, and simply ignore the small minded and petty behaviour.

What is it that makes a person so unpleasant? Can you put it down to simply a clash of personalities? Although surely it must be difficult to clash with every personality you meet? Are some people just bored? Does being rude to others make people feel powerful? Are they just bitter? Does it always come down to a tough day? A difficult life? A troubled background? Call me naive but no matter how rough you feel, or how tough your day/week/year has been, it is simple courtesy to be pleasant to those around you. After all, other than your nearest and dearest, is anyone else interested in how dreadful your day was?

My pondering today is how to deal with these people, because no matter how hard you try to avoid them, you will occasionally come across those that leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, feeling that although they are not your concern, there’s just no excuse for being that way, for thinking it’s ok to treat others like they don’t matter. And the most irritating part is that they are not open for discussion, they aren’t interested in feedback, they simply don’t care what you think.

So much to my dismay, perhaps my conclusion is that one must simply accept that these obnoxious people exist, and will continue to irritate us whether we like it or not. We can fight against it, or try our best to rise above it. By demonstrating how to be a calm, rational and reasonable person, perhaps we are improving the world, little by little… Here’s hoping!

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