Friday thought #34 How very British…!

The longer I’m away from the UK, the more I feel an affinity to it every time I’m back there. No matter how long you spend away from your home country, I don’t think you ever lose where you came from, and perhaps it is just a British thing, but there is something so very quaint and charming about the British people, and being one of them, I feel I am allowed to draw attention to the quirky nature of the Brits. Recently mentioned on the radio was a Twitter account called So Very British, which, upon hearing some of the anecdotes, I just had to look up for myself. It’s so simple and honest that I genuinely laughed out loud reading these as they are so true of the British public. I’ve listed some of my favourites below, but feel free to go and check it out for yourself, there are hundreds. If you are a Brit you will know exactly what they mean and will also laugh out loud as you imagine yourself and everyone you know doing the same thing. If not, the following comments will most likely sound very bizarre and make no sense at all, but rest assured that this is a pretty accurate representation of the British people, and long may these quirky traditions last!

Brilliant! So fantastically polite!

– Becoming so cross with someone that you beg for their pardon

– Entering into mild panic if unable to pick the correct amount of change from your hand within three seconds

– “Anyway, I’ll let you get on…” – Translation: Please go away

– Really going for it with your “I’m enjoying my look around” act after entering the wrong shop

– Gearing up to order with your menu closed, then opening and pointing at the very last second

– Being unable to concentrate as someone gives you directions because you’re so focused on looking like you’re paying attention

“Well anyway, just an idea…” – Translation: I can see you all think my idea is terrible, I’ll be quiet now

– Unknown number rings phone – Brit sits perfectly still in terrified silence until it goes away

– Attracting a waiter’s attention by apologising to them

– Hovering your finger a millimetre from the train door button, so everyone knows you have the situation under control

– Worrying you’re going to be arrested as you present your perfectly valid train ticket to the inspector

– Being unable to place your items on a shop counter without saying “just these, please”

– Whispering “come on” at cash points and ticket machines, to assure the queue you’ve done all that you can

– Being unable to leave the office without first staring at everything on your desk and saying “right”

– “After you” “No, after you” “Honestly…” “Go on…” “Please…” – Brits go for the door at the same time, chuckle, then begin again

– Holding your hand to your chest while hiccuping, to assure everyone that you know it’s annoying and you’ll be stopping ASAP

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