Friday thought #29 Cats with character

Maybe it’s a little strange to constantly keep a camera handy in order to take photos of your cat, but when your cat is as ridiculous, handsome and and fluffy as Gozo, it’s almost a necessity! Plus,  it has become clear that cats are by far the most popular creature on the internet, so why not share the love?! As a first time visitor to our house recently remarked: “What a magnificent beard!”

I must admit that a few years ago I would have placed myself firmly in the ‘dog camp’, seeing cats as aloof, grumpy and rather miserable creatures; a long way behind the canines as suitable household pets. But how my thoughts have changed! This one is truly remarkable, and unfortunately has made us realise that our future cats from now on will have to be Ragdolls. Once you’ve had a Ragdoll there’s no going back!

Is it really a cat?
Is it really a cat?
A pose he actually CHOOSES of his own accord...!
A pose he actually CHOOSES of his own accord…!